Wednesday, August 27, 2014

4 Burlesque Inspired Heels to Make You Feel Glamorous

What kind of shoes will make you feel glamorous and ooze with style? Of course! No other than those Burlesque inspired shoes! Since these glitzy footwear are bigger than life, you might need some time to adjust in them. Before you know it, you'll be prancing down the street with more elegance than Dita Von Teese herself.

Ladies! Let me remind you that after reading this article, you might want to head on to your local mall to buy one of these shoes. You may want to know how to learn hypnosis on yourself if you have this 'condition' of not being able to stop shopping. But regardless of that, enjoy looking at these lovely shoes!

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1. Charlotte Olympia Sweet Dolly Suede Pumps
With six-inch heels, these burlesque inspired pumps are not for the faint hearted! Typically, burlesque is seen to be a bit dark and moody, however, this doesn't mean that you'll never see a dancer in sweet colours. Thanks to Charlotte Olympia, these wedge and heel combo is a great starting point!

2. Vivienne Westwood For Melissa Red Heart Lady Dragon Heeled Sandals

Only Vivienne Westwood could partner up with another great designer to produce a pair of shoes that's both environmentally friendly and sexy. Combining their Brazilian and British talents, Melissa and Vivienne were able to invent these beauties. With a heart on the front and heels that aren't intimidating, this is the best thing to wear when you're feeling stylish and classy.

3. Karen Millen Crystal Encrusted Heeled Shoes

What is burlesque without a bit of crystal? By placing crystals to these heels, Karen Millen has taken this design to a whole new level! The great thing about Millen's shoes is that they are made from excellent quality, so, you won't worry about the trinkets dropping off! Moreover, if you take good care of them, they could last as long as you want them to!

4. Gucci Lace Up Leather Ankle Boots

If you want to add a modern twist to your list of boots, then Gucci has the answer for you! These burlesque-like boots have a curved ankle, making it look almost futuristic! These are even versatile because these can belong to a savvy office worker by day and to a dancer by night. How amazing is that?

Don't you just wish you know how to perform hypnosis on yourself so that you're not tempted to buy? If you can, then good for you as you can stop yourself from buying. If not, then go ahead! Grab one of these burlesque inspired shoes and start strutting your stuff on the catwalk, a.k.a streets!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

5 Surprising Benefits of Hypnosis to Kids

Hypnosis, as you noticed, has already travelled for miles since its inception. The Internet, which serves as the ultimate library is a living proof – revealing hypnosis' rampaging adventure. Thus, indicating that it has definitely rallied our lives – swarming our thoughts.

As the travel continues, one of the most surprising areas it has bumped is the “kids' zone.” Now, this one made a huge difference! Why would hypnosis turn out to be recommended to kids? Is it part of every hypnotist's journey craving on how to learn hypnosis?

Answers for those doubts are still hanging on the line. But we can still magnify some of the reasons by diverting our perceptions to a more positive side. Instead of seeking the reasons why it was incorporated to kids, what if we think of the benefits of the program? 

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Here they are:

1. Stop Procrastination

Of course, you knew already about hypnosis. Certainly, you know how it can improve one's motivation.

Now, think of your kids under the hypnosis program. What would you expect of him after being immersed to it? Still procrastinating? Absolutely not!

2. Build Self-Confidence

This trait is one of the most desired powers of every individual. In fact, this is a golden ticket – the most precious one, to be used in reaching the “success boulevard!”

What we're talking here isn't just the ordinary or temporary type of confidence. It's something that would last for a long time or even a lifetime! So, as to end the confusion, hypnosis can truly build confidence! So why not let your kids try it?

3. Improve Concentration and Focus

The idea of having constant concentration and laser-like focus is usually overlooked by most individuals. The reason for this is due to being lured with other factors needed for success such as intelligence, luck, determination and so on.

What about concentration and focus?

Remember, your kids need these two weapons. Even if they are the most intelligent students in the class, without those, it would still be hard for them to crawl in the competition.

4. Enhance Creativity

So, you're kid is creative enough,  right? But have you ever though about enhancing it? Will you take the challenge? He needs to boost his creativity to the next level. If you don't, just imagine, “STUCK!”

5. Eliminate Negative Thoughts and Feelings

Can you remember the moment when negative thoughts and feelings are lurking within you?

Hypnosis power can definitely eliminate this problem. It can create a dimension where you become the most optimistic individual on the planet. Now, imagine your kid being empowered by positive energy.

There are many more benefits of hypnosis to youngsters. If you're not satisfied, check some articles relevant to this subject such as hypnosis to kids or how does hypnosis work to children. Good luck!