Monday, March 16, 2015

Eyes on the Prize: 5 Awesome Benefits of Weight Loss

Following a diet and exercise plan to lose weight often takes time, and people can either lose sight of their true goals, or become frustrated when results aren't quick to show. When this happens, you might find it helpful to focus on the benefits of your weight loss, instead of the weight loss itself. Here are some examples.
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1. More energy. It's among the suggestions that hypnotists use, but how does hypnosis work to lead to you having more energy to do more things? Think of it this way: your subconscious tells your body that you're not too tired for maybe a half hour of Zumba. Then guess what – you will have that extra energy.

Getting into shape also means you won't use up as much energy doing certain tasks, and you won't tire as easily.

2. Self-confidence. Losing just the first 5 pounds can change how you carry yourself, even if you haven't reached your goal weight. Can you imagine fitting into jeans that are a size smaller, or wearing that nice button-up shirt without worrying the buttons will pop? Say goodbye to trying to disappear into your clothes whenever you go out.

3. Lower blood pressure. You don't need to lose 50 pounds to see a significant change. Just a difference of 5 points (on your BP) can help you cross over from risky to healthy. This can come from just 30 minutes of exercise a day for around a month.

4. Improved sleep. If you're overweight, you're more likely to snore, or else suffer from sleep apnoea. Losing those extra pounds means you won't wake up as much in the night, and therefore better sleep – if not for you, then for your partner, or whoever your roommate is.

5. Pain-free joints. Extra pounds means extra weight on knees and hips – if you're 10 kilos overweight, your knees bear around 30-60 extra kilos of force. Shedding that extra weight not only means you avoid weight-related injury, but there's less stress on your joints, too. Therefore, there will be less risk of swelling and pain (goodbye, osteoarthritis!).

Not sure if you can remember these? You can learn, say, how to perform hypnosis on yourself so you can keep them in mind. Or write them down, along with other benefits you come up with yourself. Either way will motivate you to ultimately lose that unwanted weight.