Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and Stress

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Two of the most prevalent young adult health problems are obesity and excessive stress. The turn of the 21st century brought with it heavy commercialisation and the Internet culture, and demand for high-pressure jobs in the IT industry have been met with a youth hubris – evidenced through the emergence of young millionaires and billionaires in their late 20's. Consequently, high levels of stress results to poor health management, as statistics show that at least 74% of YA workers are exposed with more stress and pressure than their counterparts a decade ago.

Though the thrust to embrace body weight have been pro-actively and reactively making waves throughout the globe in the past few years, healthy eating is still not a commonplace for most of young adults. Obesity is still an issue, and shows like Biggest Loser Junior catapulted the issue into  worldwide spotlight. With the shift in lifestyle changes in the past decade proved a positive inclination to exercising and healthy dieting, drastic measures are still needed to decrease stress levels and obesity within today's generation. One definitive option to lower these situation: learning how to perform hypnosis.

Here are some things you should know about hypnosis, weight loss and stress management:
1. Hypnosis have long been used as a therapy course for certain types of addiction: drug, smoking, even excessive eating. It is considered as an alternative treatment, and a number of studies show that it is widely effective therapy alongside regular medication.

2. Hypnosis for weight loss is as prevalent as hypnotherapy for drug and substance addiction. The procedure usually takes a few sessions, every session lasting 60 minutes or longer. The process usually involves reaffirming the subconscious to curb off eating, process foods more efficiently and burn fats more.

3. Hypnosis for stress reduction have long been tapped as a novelty therapeutic course, like foot spas and facials. Scientifically, hypnosis for stress reduction usually is directly correlated with acupuncture.

4. Hypnotherapy Melbourne offers both the services, with conscious hypnosis as its main product push.

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