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Hypnotherapy on 3 Forms of Addiction

If there’s one thing that we can’t escape from, perhaps it would be stress. Stress is, sadly, a normal part of life, and affects everyone regardless of age or social status. It can also lead to serious health issues, especially if it becomes chronic. But don’t worry, here are a couple of fresh and creative ways for fighting chronic stress.
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 Get Hypnotised

If stress is bugging you every day, you may want to put the valium down, and opt for an appointment with the hypnotist instead. But, how does hypnosis work? According to clinical hypnosis experts, hypnotherapy is the practice of inducing someone into an inner state of absorption, concentration and focused attention.

Hypnosis can be used to determine the underlying causes or motivations, as well as to identify if past events are causing your problems. However, instead of seeing a man swinging a pocket watch in front of you (and saying weird things), what modern hypnotherapists do is induce hypnosis through “verbal guidance”. Thus, the patient is hyper-attentive and yet in a relaxed and open mindset.

Do Some Mini Self-Massage

Another way to effectively reduce stress would be to perform a “mini massage”. To do this, massage one palm of your hand using circular motions with the thumb, or utilise a massage gadget.

Increase Your Vitamin Intake

To effectively fight stress, health experts suggest that you take a daily multivitamin formula which contains 100 to 300 percent worth of vitamin B. The vitamin supplement should also include doses of magnesium, copper, iron, selenium, zinc, chromium and calcium.

Classify/Categorise Your Problems

If you lump or put your issues into one basket, you’ll perhaps feel so overwhelmed. But if you break them down into different categories, there’ll be less pressure on you, and you’ll be able to solve them effectively one by one.

Stop Multitasking, and Learn To Say No

If you’re already swamped with too many things to do, it would help if you learn to politely say no. And if you’re used to cooking dinner, talking to your kids, and doing your report at the same time, then stop juggling tasks and  relax.

Apart from knowing how does hypnosis work, another cool stress-busting method would be to “visualise calm”. Imagine you’re standing in a hot shower as waves of relaxation are flowing down your body, and washing the stress away. Try to picture a very relaxing scene too, like you’re in a park or lying on a secluded beach. Try to focus on the different sounds, sights and even smells, and relax your senses.

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